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István Jászberényi

István Jászberényi

Managing Director

György Szabó

György Szabó

Director of Finance

Balázs Theil-Czeglédy

Balázs Theil-Czeglédy

Director of Sales and Project Management

Bea H. Bojti

Bea H. Bojti

Head of Acquisition and Marketing

Ákos Szentkuti

Ákos Szentkuti

Head of Engineering and Projekt Development

Ferenc Fűz, Dr.

Ferenc Fűz, Dr.

Director of Procurement and Project Preparation

Attila Legoza

Attila Legoza

Technical director

The philosophy of our Company
and at the same time the key to our success is

End-to-end process management

We carry out the entire investment-implementation process (design, construction, operation) according to a flexible and proactive approach.

Qualified and experienced professional staff

Since 1990, our Company has solved assignments of increasing volume, complexity and diversity in many areas and in line with the challenges posed by the times. We leverage experience accumulated through these to provide effective and broad scope know-how to our partners.


Our Company’s relationships are built upon mutual trust. Using our established partnership contacts as the basis, we build the sound foundations that provide for successful and lasting business cooperation.

Meeting the demands of market operators

Our Company compiles solutions from market operators’ demands and perhaps still unrecognised needs. These solutions provide for our unique and innovative facilities to be completed in a manner “tailored to partners” and guarantee that their value-for-money is best suited to the problem at hand.

Innovative Solutions

Due to its experience and new knowledge regarding a particular area, our Company can offer state-of-the-art solutions for the design, construction and operation of facilities.

Environmental Awareness

To us, the dissemination and use of “green energy” in Hungary is of special significance. We support and are also part of this process through our continuous advanced training sessions.

Ownership Structure

The previous Owner of our company was ALPIQ holding, a company based in Switzerland and present on the markets of 23 countries, engages in power generation, transmission, processing and sales. In each of its fields of activity, the company operates by relying on its expert staff, be it power plant construction, renewable energy or solutions tailored to clients pertaining to the use of energy. Kraftszer Kft has fitted into this portfolio, in which the management became the owners in the middle of 2014.
As a result of this change the company continues its operation as a part of a group recognized at the market in the areas of industrial and power executions, classic building engineering, technological design and operation of industrial and trading facilities. The group possesses a total count of 200 well-trained colleagues and has complete nationwide coverage in Hungary.

Quality, Environment Protection

Our Company’s core principle is that quality and environment protection are interlinked concepts, the addressing of which represents a task, responsibility and obligation for all of us. We aim to perform activities that meet the requirements of our partners and society regarding quality and environment protection at a high standard, including national and international quality and environmental expectations as to those requirements. The ISO 9001 standard compliant quality assurance system in place at our Company was initially qualified by ÉMI-TÜV Bayern Kft. in 1997. Our quality assurance certificates include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 EPC contractor enterprise for the design and development, construction and maintenance of energy, power plant, industrial and environmental systems. (Hungarian, English, German) Directive 97/23/EEC (PED) concerning the manufacturing of pressurised equipment as per modules G and B+F. (Hungarian, English) Quality management requirements concerning welding, as per EN ISO 3834-2:2006 (Hungarian, English, German)

MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006 for fulfilment of quality requirements for welding

PED 97/23/EG for the manufacture of pressure equipment

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 general contactor for design and development, construction and maintenance of systems, for power, heat and indusrty generation, environmental protection.

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