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Investment project at the Komárom industrial park

2018. November 12. Monday
As it has been reported by the Hungarian and international press, the South Korean SK Innovation is building its electric car battery factory at the Komárom industrial park with a HUF 97.5 billion investment. SK Innovation is the third largest company in South Korea, and with its project in Hungary it will have three significant battery factories operating in the Central-European region. In the future factory – on a 42 hectare area of the industrial park – regular production will commence in 2020.  

We are shaping the environmentally friendly future today

2018. September 24. Monday
Efforts to protect our environment play an exceptionally important role in the life of all responsibly-thinking companies, as we have said in a previous article. This was reflected in the decision of Pannon Power as well, when they took responsibility for nature and the environment and began converting their coal-fired systems into biomass technology with the help of our specialised project team, being the first to do so in Hungary. Using the implemented facility, the Pécs Power Plant supplies the entire city with 100% green energy, reducing the level of environment pollution in the area.

Trainee progamme of Kraftszer Kft. II

2018. July 29. Sunday
Bence, would you tell us about how you came into contact with Kraftszer Kft? One of my good friends previously, during his university studies, performed his practical training at Kraftszer, then in the course of his later studies he also continued to work at the company. I consider it important that a university student shouldn’t acquire his knowledge just in the university classrooms, rather he should gain experience with practical things, to actually have an overview of his profession. Thanks to this I came into contact with Kraftszer through my friend.

Kraftszer Team building

2018. July 23. Monday
We have known since we were in elementary school that the pillar of development is learning. As adults we have also learned that if we wish to be truly successful, this learning process may last for our entire lives. But I can confidently state that none of us suspected that this may happen in the form of a real experience.  

We had the chance to contribute to the production of the first Apollo tyres

2018. May 10. Thursday
Cars, trucks and even buses across Europe will be running on Hungarian tyres...and we had the chance to contribute to this. We published the news on 11 January 2016 that we had successfully applied for the tender to construct technological supply systems at the Apollo Tyres factory in Gyöngyöshalász.

Trainee programme of Kraftszer Kft.

2018. April 17. Tuesday
In the first place the meaning of a trainee programme for Kraftszer Kft. should be clarified. We do not only provide a trainee position for engineers with 1 or 2-year experience or college/university students spending their last years, but our applicants participate in a programme that is structured by topics, focussed on continuous feedback and evaluation, and concentrates on a certain field.

An industrial and energetic company in spring 2018

2018. April 10. Tuesday
As spring brings renewal and revival in nature, this spring brings changes in the life of our company as well.

We took part in the MATÁSZSZ conference

2017. November 16. Thursday
MATÁSZSZ held its XVII. conference in Budapest on 14-15th November. 

Kraftszer Ltd. awarded as the Most Reliable Contractor

2017. October 30. Monday
On 30th October, 2017 the official opening ceremony of the new isosugar factory was held in Tiszapüspöki, where Mr. István Jászberényi, our managing director took over the Award dedicated to the Most Reliable Contractor, on behalf of Kraftszer Ltd.

Raw material preparation and fermentation plant

2017. July 14. Friday
In the currently being built grain processing plant in Visonta, our company has been further commissioned as part of alcohol preparing technology now for establishment a raw material preparation and fermentation plant.
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