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We took part in the MATÁSZSZ conference

MATÁSZSZ held its XVII. conference in Budapest on 14-15th November.



We took part as attendees because we have been working for FŐTÁV on its pipe-line modernization project on several sites.

Budapest, XI. district, Budafoki road

Renewal of DN 400 pipe-line, 16 m longways.


Budapest, XI. district, Bertalan Lajos street - Budafoki road

Renewal of DN 150 and DN 250 pipeline, 450 m lengthwise.


Attaching the Telekom Headquarters to the pipe-line - Vágóhíd street - Albert Flórián road - Könyves Kálmán boulevard

Bedding 2350 running meter track of DN 400, DN 250 and DN 150 pipe-line ridge. There was a 3 month-long timeframe of which 75 days was to attach the pipe-lines to the live system. We fulfilled it within 60 days.