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Another conveyor belt started operating in the new biomass unit of Pécs Power Plant

2013. January 23. Wednesday

This January, the construction of the 35-MWe capacity new biomass unit of Pécs Power Plant has passed a significant milestone: after the successful testing and fine-tuning activities, now there are two conveyor belts carrying agricultural by-products from the fuel storage hall to the furnace of the boiler.

This furnace may burn 733 tons of bales, i.e. 1833 pieces weighing 0.4 tons each! The grate ash generated in the course of combustion as well as slag falling from the boiler draughts are carried to the water sealing, water bath chain scraper conveyor, forwarded to the slag storage silos and then carried by another conveyor to big bag packers. The above described slag removing system has also been successfully commissioned.

The biomass boiler of Pécs Power Plant

A Project Requiring Comprehensive Expertise

The successful completion of the project milestones is based on several comprehensive tasks requiring complex expertise and professional experience: accordingly, the ignition of the gas burners in last November was preceded by the commissioning of the auxiliary systems, such as, among others, the combustion air and the compressed air systems and the complete gas supply system. One month later, the successful combustion of straw took place as well, after completing the setting of the appropriate parameters required for ignition.

Project Milestones

Kraftszer Kft. carries out the basic and construction designing, construction and commissioning activities of the new biomass unit of Pécs Power Plant within the framework of an EPC-M contract structure. Moreover, the company is also responsible for the implementation of the complete biomass transportation logistics, as well as the delivery of the main and auxiliary equipment pieces (excluding the boiler). As the next milestone of the project, when further two fuel conveyor belts have been prepared for operation, the flue gas purification system will be commissioned and then steam will be fed to the turbine for the first time. This event will be followed by the first phase of guarantee measurements, and if the measurements are successfully completed, they are followed by the test run of the unit, and subsequently, by another series of guarantee measurements. The activities closely building upon one another are then completed by the hand-over procedure; after this procedure, we will be able to say that we took part in the construction of a biomass unit that is unique of its kind in Hungary and it is one of the largest biomass-fired power plant units in East Central Europe.

Bale storage

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