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Kraftszer Team building

2018. July 23. Monday
Bojti Bea
| Üzletfejlesztési Igazgató
Kraftszer - Team building

We have known since we were in elementary school that the pillar of development is learning. As adults we have also learned that if we wish to be truly successful, this learning process may last for our entire lives. But I can confidently state that none of us suspected that this may happen in the form of a real experience.  

Last weekend, with the guidance of Gábor Gergelyfy, COGWHEEL Training & Consulting - "The human polisher" , we experienced new things in the most unexpected situations, not only about ourselves and our colleagues who work together with us on a daily basis. Our tasks clarified for us the kind of problem solving patterns we use, how precious the power of a team is, and the fact that sufficient information flow is absolutely vital.  

What is a “company heart massage”?

The company simulation that we participated in is training based on experiences. As its title shows, it’s built on the simulation of realistic or extraordinary situations, with the goal of perfecting work processes and developing cooperation. We - who participated in the program - worked on building up a company from its foundations. In the course of this we were amazed by our great number of abilities that we didn’t even know existed, we have long forgotten, or we haven’t used for a long time. Obviously, this very intense personal experience is what makes the problem solving memorable, thereby ensuring that we can use the experiences gained in the program, not only in a simulated work environment, but also our actual work.         

Program description

We simulated 4 “business years” in an 18 member team. We actually received an assignment from the “client”, and we had to create the processes, instruments, job positions necessary for the fulfilment of the assignment. All of this was conducted in a way that our performance was objectively measured during the program.     

We could sense in practice - through our own experience - all the things that are involved in the creation, testing and correction of these processes. It was truly unbelievable to see that the results which appeared to be impossible on the first day, suddenly began to mature and be realized in the 3rd- 4th “business year”. Of course, for this it was essential for us during our preparation to filter and find the ideas that would result in processes which were necessary for the successful fulfilment of our assignment.   

How could this be good for us?

It’s a really privileged situation to see our operation so clearly in a "protected environment", to have an insight into our own deficiencies, to experience our strengths, and to find the points that can lead us to success. In the knowledge of all this, our work and our lives can be planned much more consciously.     

What is on our minds now?

WE performed well in the simulated environment and we possess all the knowledge necessary to perform the same way in reality. And what is the situation with the live version? ...IT HAS STARTED!


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