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Our promising colleague

2019. May 31. Friday
Bojti Bea
| Üzletfejlesztési Igazgató
Our promising colleague

The Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises organized its 19th District Heating Conference and Expo in the spring of this year. Its theme was District Heating: a Green Way to the Future.

This year was extraordinary for us, not just because environmental protection plays a primary role among our company’s fundamental values, but also because at the conference one of our young colleagues, László Gergely, received the professional recognition called dr. Gergely Büki The Promise of District Heating Award. CONGRATULATIONS!

We asked him:

Why is this professional recognition, this award important to you?

A professional award is feedback about a person’s performed work. The fact that someone writes a specific study only means that the author has completed his work. A professional award signals that the study was not just completed, its quality has been recognized as well. The ideas, concepts and calculations in it may even represent some benefit for the industry. It is positive feedback from organizations such as the Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises (MaTáSzSz), and it is important for this exact reason. It means positive qualification and opinion from people in the profession.

What was your topic?

My topic was the utilization of Communal Solid Waste. My contest entry examined a facility as a concept that would utilize the quantity of CSW currently remaining in Budapest by burning it. It strives to compare dioxin and CO2 emissions with values that may mitigate potential social resistance. Subsequently to this, the study also includes a financial analysis that may serve as the basis for determining waste management fees.

The idea is fundamentally a result of personal curiosity. For example, we have discussed many times with my friend Bence Laklia – who is otherwise also a Kraftszer staffer just like me - on level R5 of the Budapest University of Technology, why there are no selective waste collection bins at the University (Fortunately, this has been remedied since that time). I have been on a facility visit at HUHA (Budapest Waste Utilization Plant), meanwhile during professional discussions I heard about „HUHA projects” here at the company  and I thought that it may be worthwhile to deal with this topic. Fortunately, the experienced colleagues, for example György Henter, had a very supportive attitude. He was the one who helped me contact Tibor Orbán, the Deputy Technical Director of Főtáv, who also encouraged me to develop the to

What is next after such a prestigious award?

Of course, I would like to continue being involved in waste management. I try to constantly pay attention to the opportunities in this area, but currently my everyday life is filled by my university studies and my work at Kraftszer.

I feel that project management is the type of activity which would fit my character, so in the long term I basically plan in that direction. But to be more experienced in this area I would like to have a bit better insight into technological design as well. So far within the company the attitude has been supportive towards professional curiosity, so I’m certain that we will find a solution to this. 

We wish you success in your future endeavors, and of course we will support you every way we can!


Photo’s source: http://tavho.org/rendezvenyeink/tavhoszolgaltatasi-konferencia-es-szakmai-kiallitas

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