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An industrial and energetic company in spring 2018

2018. April 10. Tuesday
As spring brings renewal and revival in nature, this spring brings changes in the life of our company as well.

We took part in the MATÁSZSZ conference

2017. November 16. Thursday
MATÁSZSZ held its XVII. conference in Budapest on 14-15th November. 

Kraftszer Ltd. awarded as the Most Reliable Contractor

2017. October 30. Monday
On 30th October, 2017 the official opening ceremony of the new isosugar factory was held in Tiszapüspöki, where Mr. István Jászberényi, our managing director took over the Award dedicated to the Most Reliable Contractor, on behalf of Kraftszer Ltd.

Raw material preparation and fermentation plant

2017. July 14. Friday
In the currently being built grain processing plant in Visonta, our company has been further commissioned as part of alcohol preparing technology now for establishment a raw material preparation and fermentation plant.

Installation another alcohol tank park

2017. April 07. Friday
We have another order for installation of a complete new alcohol tank park, connects to it the technological tank park for the daily storage and testing of the alcoholic products, and a storage tank 2500 m3, a denaturing and a vehicular filling unit from the Visonta Projekt Ltd.

Winter can come to Oroszlány

2016. November 21. Monday
Our company has won the mechanical engineering and building construction works for the second phase of the natural gas-fired heating plant with the performance of 37,5MWth which was established in July this year at the power plant in Oroszlány.

The swimming pool complex has connected to the district heating

2016. October 14. Friday
We have successfully closed the district heating of the pool complex of Dagály ahead of schedule.

Build inter-plant links

2016. September 30. Friday
We will go on participating in the huge investment of the the grain processing factory in  Tiszapüspöki with the planing and implementing of inter-plant piping system.

We operate and maintain!

2016. September 01. Thursday
Our company has successfully applied for the operating and maintenance works of Dunai Hőtermelő Kft. in Százhalombatta.

We provide with district heating at FINA 2017 world championship

2016. July 08. Friday
Our company won the tender of Főtáv Zrt for implementation of the district heating system of a new sport complex being constructed specifically for 2017 swimming world championships.
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