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Completion of Construction Works in Környe

2014. September 05. Friday
Our company has the equipment and pipe installation works completed and begins the set-up systems of the winning projects in the Industrial Park, at Környe.

We are also home district heating

2014. August 04. Monday
Our company has won the special tender of Budapesti Távhőszolgáltatási Zrt. for implementation of the pre-insulated heating pipelines (2xDN600/Ø800) with nominal pressure of PN 25 linking Újpest - Újpalota heating zones, as well as the related breakdown- and pit construction tasks including the exchanges of accessories.

Newer Project at Expansion of the Rubber Industry

2014. April 14. Monday
Our company the Kraftszer Ltd. has won another project for the giant expansion of the rubber-industry plant in Hungary.

New Project at the Field of the Industrial Power Supply

2014. March 20. Thursday
Our company the Kraftszer Ltd. has successfully tendered for construction of power supply system at a giant rubber plant expansion in Hungary.

Successful Handover of the Renewable Energy Plant

2013. December 09. Monday
Our firm has realized as EPC-M main contractor the BIO2 project Pécs. This is one of the largest biomass power plant in Europe. This BIO2 Project meant the biggest challenge for the Kraftszer Team’s life in the last years.

Successful handover in Dunamenti Power Plant

2013. September 30. Monday
According to the requirements of Client the 22 t/h capacity steam boilerhouse was successfully handed over at the end of September 2013.

Manufactory expansion in AUDI

2013. August 06. Tuesday
Audi – accordingly its saying “Vorsprung durch Technik” - extended its test-shop area by energy efficient heatpump equipment (70 KW) using geothermal.

Steam boiler arrival at the installation site

2013. June 21. Friday
Project came in phase of the technological realization, within the installation of the supply container, then after the erection of the steel structure and chimney, at the end of June 2013 has the 22 t/h BOSCH steam-boiler arrived at the site of Dunamenti Power Plant, where under severe security measures got to its final place.

Execution of a complete Boiler House for district heating in Dunamenti Power Plant

2013. June 12. Wednesday
Kraftszer Ltd. gained a new tender at Dunamenti Power Plant, where new hot water boilers will be installed for district heating supply.

Installation of a steam boiler block in the Dunamenti Power Plant

2013. April 26. Friday
Installation phase of a new steam boiler block has begun at Dunamenti Power Plant. Kraftszer Ltd. as main contractor provides turnkey operation of a 22t/h boiler room. As part of the architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical and I&C tasks our company is also responsible for building permit plans, engineering, site construction, complete installation and commissioning. The boiler room will be able to produce 22 t/h steam overheated to 300 0C at 15 barg over-pressure, its heat demand will be ensured by a Bosch UNIVERSAL UL-SX 22.000 steam-boiler and supplemental units. Expected date of completion of the project is 30 September 2013.
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