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COGEN Hungary annual conference

2013. April 02. Tuesday
COGEN Hungary hold its 16th annual conference on 20-21 March in Balatonalmádi, Hotel Ramada.

Another conveyor belt started operating in the new biomass unit of Pécs Power Plant

2013. January 23. Wednesday
This January, the construction of the 35-MWe capacity new biomass unit of Pécs Power Plant has passed a significant milestone: after the successful testing and fine-tuning activities, now there are two conveyor belts carrying agricultural by-products from the fuel storage hall to the furnace of the boiler.

New successful project at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.

2013. January 21. Monday
On November 2012 Kraftszer Ltd. has completed a new successful project on the site of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.

ALPIQ AAT workshop in CERN

2012. November 13. Tuesday
CERN hosted the workshop regularly organised by ALPIQ Anlagentechnik GmbH (AAT), where the associates of the member companies of the concern could personally gain insight into ongoing scientific research.

Redesigned website and latest information

2012. September 06. Thursday
We would like to inform visitors to our website that they will be able to see its revamped appearance, along with current information and extended references as of September.

Redesigned website and latest information

2012. September 06. Thursday

News from our sector

2012. May 19. Saturday
General Electric presented its 9.5 MW output type J920 reduced CO2 emission gas engine, which is suitable for supplying electricity to almost 20,000 households based on its output. The electric efficiency of the newly developed gas engine is rated at 48.7 percent, while its combined efficiency exceeds 90 per cent.

Energy Centre Established at MBMH

2012. May 18. Friday
Kraftszer Kft. constructed the largest trigeneration energy centre of Hungary at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét, and it will supply the car factory with the required energy and media in the future. The facility complies with MB’s energy efficiency, efficiency, environment protection and profitability related requirements. Both the appearance of the building and the technical quality of installed equipment are excellent. After the energy centre went online and successful tendering, Kraftszer Kft. was awarded Mercedes-Benz Hungary’s contract for additional system enlargement work that will be required during capacity increase.

New Maintenance Tasks

2012. May 18. Friday
Once again, our Company was provided an opportunity on the domestic chemical and petrochemical market, which at once represents challenges and opportunities. We will participate in the retrofitting and maintenance jobs of a factory unit during the summer. We are going to clean and refurbish process towers, install heat exchangers and align them with existing systems, as well as build a pipeline system by separating branches in various pressure ranges. This work will be completed in full using own design and implementation, and include I&C devices and cables.

Implementation of the Energy Central in Kecskemét Plant of Mercedes - Benz

2011. October 27. Thursday
The Energy Central will be handed over very soon
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