Ipari technológiák-03

Power Plant Dunamenti, Gas Receiving Station

2009. April 30. Thursday
In its third gas turbine development (G3) Power Plant Dunamenti, through the engineering office Tractebel Engineering Bruxelles has issued an invitation to tender for the building of a new gas receiving station.

1st Ordinary Annual General Meeting of Alpiq Holding Ltd. in Olten's Stadthalle

2009. April 28. Tuesday
On 23 April 2009, the Stadthalle Olten was the venue for the first Ordinary Annual General Meeting of Alpiq Holding Ltd. (formerly Atel Holding Ltd).

Installation of the steam pipeline system at BorsodChem Co. is completed

2009. February 17. Tuesday
Kraftszer Ltd. has finished the installation of the new steam pipeline system at BorsodChem Ltd. according to schedule.

P&G Hyginett Ltd. - Feasibility studies of the trigeneration power plant

2009. February 02. Monday
The Engineering division of Kraftszer Ltd. has prepared the first phase of the feasibility study for the trigeneration power plant at P&G  Hyginett Ltd.’s Csömör site. At this stage we delivered the so-called basic plan, that is needed for the decision-making, which contains the fundamental economic and energy calculations, as well as the information about the installation and investment of the power plant.

Budapest Power Plant Ltd., Kelenföld 44MW Power Plant -Gas turbine project

2009. February 02. Monday
Budapest Power Plant Ltd. would like to install 2 x 5 MWe gas turbines at its Kelenföld 44MW power plant.

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas pipeline construction works at BorsodChem

2009. January 20. Tuesday
Linde Gas Hungary Zrt. has placed an order with the Kazincbarcika Installation Branch for the construction works of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas pipeline in the area BorsodChem Ltd. thus continuing to build future that Kraftszer Vállalkozási Kft. based by building of steam pipelines and distribution system, a project assigned by Sinergy Ltd., which has been implemented in a record time last year.

ATEL Energetika Zlín - Installation of the Biomass feeding system

2009. January 15. Thursday
Kraftszer Kft. has won the tender for the installation of the Biomass feeding system in the Power Plant of ATEL Energetika Zlín. According to the project the feeding system has to be built in the existing fluidized bed coal firing boiler FK 31. Kraftszer Ltd. has already installed a similar construction at Vértes Power Plant before.The deadline for this project is 3rd June 2009.

PannonPower Holding Power Plant development

2009. January 12. Monday
PannonPower Holding has begun contractual negotiations with Kraftszer Ltd. and Bioener Aps about the development of power plants heated by bale agronomical products and byproducts/biomass

Hungrana Starch and Isosugar Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. – Implementation of corn silage establishment

2009. January 09. Friday
Kraftszer Kft. has been charged with the implementation work of heavy duty silage for corn that are delivered by road transport or train.

The new branch of Kraftszer Ltd.

2009. January 09. Friday
Kraftszer Ltd. has established its new branch in Kazincbarcika.
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