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We had the chance to contribute to the production of the first Apollo tyres

2018. May 10. Thursday
We had the chance to contribute to the production of the first Apollo tyres

Cars, trucks and even buses across Europe will be running on Hungarian tyres...and we had the chance to contribute to this.

We published the news on 11 January 2016 that we had successfully applied for the tender to construct technological supply systems at the Apollo Tyres factory in Gyöngyöshalász.

In Gyöngyöshalász, Apollo Tyres of India built its eighth tyre factory wordwide and its second in Europe, which is also its most modern, by this craating 975 jobs. The company's plans include the online marketing of its tyres intended for commercial vehicles, with this introducing a completely new market approach. The goal of the international tyre manufacturing giant is to achieve a market-leading role in Europe on the market of so-called racial tyres intended for buses and  trucks. 

No mutch later in April 2016, we reported that in addition to our previous assignment we received a new order form our partner, Apollo Tyres Hungary, for the construction of a boiler-house gas system.

Here our task was the turnkey development of a complete energy centre, includint the development of steam, hot water, coolant-water, compressed air, N2 and vacuum systems. 


complete energy centre - KraftszerParameters:

Heating performance: 3*8 MW (3*12t/H)

Air.conditioning capacity: 8*2 MW

Currently, in the Apollo project, aour company has been and is performing the designing-implementation of the Hot Water system, the gas system, the assembly of technological pipelines, as well as the installation works related to machinery equipment (coolin -tower, refrigerator, chimney, boilers, storage tands, pumps).

In the area of passenger car tyres (PCR), manufacturig startd in the beginning-middle of last year, but in parallel with this constuction works were still ongoing. The utility vehicle tyre-factory portion, producing truck and bus tyres (TBR) - to the construction of which our company contributed significantly - is currently under commissioning. We are very proud that in this way we could contribute to the production of the first truck tyres in the factory.


Photo:Our colleagues with the first produced truck tyre at Gyöngyöshalász, on 03.05.2018.

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