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Industrial energy facilities

autoipar2 Automotive industry
elelmiszeripar Food industry
egyeb iparagak Other industries

As a general contractor of industrial facilities in the fields of energy and technology, our company performs its activities in the following relevant sectors: automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and oil industry, in particular petrochemistry. In this field we take part in the implementation of related energy and technological facilities in compliance with the strictest professional specifications, from the design phase to full-scope completion.

Service performance:

  • Industrial energy centres (with co-generation and tri-generation solutions)
  • Co-generation power plants
  • Heat energy supply systems
  • Cooling energy supply systems
Service performance:
  • Ventilation systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Technological pipelines
  • Environmental investments


Ákos Szentkúti
Senior Manager
Co-generation and Industrial Energy