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A chimney-free Budapest

2019. February 28. Thursday
Bojti Bea
| Üzletfejlesztési Igazgató

An environment-friendly initiative


In 2018 FŐTÁV Zrt. launched its ‘Chimney-free city’ programme to extend the existing line network as a part of the so called heat ring of district heating. Similarly to other European cities, district heating islands, i.e. district heating zones in the suburban areas will be interconnected in Budapest as well. This is important as it allows the introduction of environment friendly district heating in the inner districts of Pest as well.
According to a survey carried out by FŐTÁV ZRT, the switchover of each 45 thousand households with gas heating in Budapest to district heating would result in an approximately 67 thousand tons CO2 emission reduction, and based on estimations, in addition to the above reduction, the emission of the almost 80 tons harmful substances would also decrease at a yearly level, which would result in an environment-friendly capital with much cleaner air, which is a more pleasant place to live in.




Our present project makes us as a main contractor double-happy. On the one hand it is an important feedback that our former partner has put his trust in us again so we can work together this time as well. On the other hand as environment protection is a priority issue for us in our work, it is a good feeling that we can support it this way as well.


Our task in the investment


Our task is to establish the 2xDN600 transit line to supply district heating to the City on the Buda side, and to pit A7 to be constructed in ‘Március 15-e’ Square on the Pest side.

In the first step of the work we established a connection to the live district heating line from Kelenföld Power Plant to Déli Railway Station in front of Rácz Bath, and following this a 2*30m, 2*DN1100 transition in protective tubing under Krisztina Boulevard was implemented. Works were continued at the head of Erzsébet Bridge on the Buda side, where the district line was installed into the bridge-head.

Our work will be closed by the construction of the pit A7 to be built in Március 15-e Square.

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