Ipari technológiák-02


We have comprehensive professional experience regarding the design of traditional power plants and the implementation processes of related projects; this includes the conversion and supplementation of the primary and auxiliary systems of power plants, their technical and economic alignment to operating conditions, and the design and implementation of new systems. We lay special emphasis on the use of green energy and compliance with the relevant environmental guidelines. Within one of our projects (detailed later on) relating to the production of green energy, we participated as an EPCM contractor in the design and implementation of the largest biomass-fired power plant of Hungary and Central- Eastern Europe. We support, and, by way of ongoing training sessions, we participate in creating and maintaining an environmentally conscious way of thinking.

Service performance:

  • Turnkey power plant units < up to 50 MWe capacity   
  • Power plant systems   
  • Biomass power plants   
  • Water treatment systems   
  • Power plant pipeline systems   
  • Technological pipelines   
  • Design and implementation of I&C networks pertaining to the technology


Erőművek, ipari energetikai- és technológiai létesítmények kivitelezője