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Building on the expertise of our innovative colleagues, our company has been a stable and dominant operator in the domestic energy and industrial market for over 27 years. We continuously expand our knowledge base by collecting their ideas and experience. We use this basis to provide our partners with a full range of project services that are unique in the market and comply with the most up-to-date standards.
Our company provides unique services in the industrial sector. During their investments we support our partners with full-scope project management activities, from the design phase to turnkey delivery. Our uniqueness lies in the sector specific and innovative professional know-how which we leverage to design and manage our processes in a targeted manner, in accordance with market trends and tailored to the needs of customers, subject to our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. We have several international and national references in the professional fields of power plants, industrial power engineering facilities, design and industrial maintenance.


On international waters - Kraft Group continues to expand

2023. August 03. Thursday
 The Kraft Group is one of Hungary's leading engineering and operating groups founded and owned in Hungary. We are proud of the dynamically growing portfolio of our member companies (BIS Hungary Kft., Kraft FM Kft., Kraftszer Kft. and Kraft - Tech Kft.), the broadening of their service portfolio and the expansion of their customer base, which is the result of the large volume of projects won in the market and our innovative efforts.

We are eligible

2023. August 03. Thursday
Our guiding principle is that quality and environmental protection are interlinked concepts on which everyone has a duty, responsibility and obligation to influence. Our objective is to conduct activities which meet the high standards required by our Partners and by society in terms of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety. We take a flexible and proactive approach throughout the process of planning - investment - implementation. Our ISO 9001 quality management system was first certified in 1997 by ÉMI-TÜV Bayern Kft.

Our success, which opens up new opportunities

2023. July 12. Wednesday
We are pleased to inform you about our latest professional success and accolade. We are proud to announce that as a result of our expertise and professional work, our company was selected and contracted to prepare the construction permit plans of the biomass-fuelled heating plant with a capacity of 8MWe to be constructed at the Szolnok site of Drenik Hungary Kft.

To everyone (preferably) in their own language

2023. July 09. Sunday
Nearly 35 years of experience, a market-leading position, and an extensive Client portfolio. These are the basis of the reliable and high-quality EPC services offered by Kraftszer Kft. We believe that the key to our success is a combination of continuous innovation, seeking out market opportunities and thus immediately reacting to the always rapidly changing environmental trend, and innovative development.

The Biomass District Heating Plant in Kecskemét project has reached a new milestone

2023. June 25. Sunday
Our project, which also serves security of supply and environmental protection functions and is classified as a project of special significance for the national economy, has reached an important milestone. We considered this phase of the development project a great challenge as this was one of the most spectacular phases and it was among those requiring the most technical expertise; therefore, we are pleased to announce that the construction of the flue stack intended to remove the flue gases generated in the biomass-fired heating plant with a capacity of 5 MW + 2x20 MW has been completed.

We successfully completed the design and construction of a pair of district heating backbone pipes in district V of Budapest

2023. May 30. Tuesday
Almost a year ago, we reported on a major environmental and urban development contract awarded to us, which was implemented with funding from BKM Budapesti Közművek Nonprofit Zrt. FŐTÁV District Heating Division and from the KEHOP operational programme. We are proud to have been part of a programme dedicated to the improvement of air quality in the centre of Budapest, joining a process that will also contribute to improving the quality of life in our Capital City.
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