Ipari technológiák-03

No.1 in Tire Production

2015. December 07. Monday
One of the World’s most automatized tire factory is being realized in Hungary, as the first greenfield investment of Apollo Tyres in Europe.

Among Priority Sectors the Food Industry in our Country

2015. September 30. Wednesday
The Tisza TK Projekt Ltd. would like to execute such grain processing plant, which for its operation large proportion of the huge energy needed wins from renewable energy, biomass.

Újpest Power Plant Supply Efficient Steam Production the nearby Pharmaceutical Factory

2015. September 07. Monday
Budapesti Erőmű ZRt. has chosen our company for design engineering, installation and start-up procedure of the up-to-date steam-boiler with high-efficiency for in case of gas-turbines outages in Újpest Power Plant,for the continuous steam-supply in summertime.

Heating plant modernization in Veszprém

2015. August 03. Monday
We have successfully tendered for the energetic modernization of the heating plant in Veszprém, Haszkovó street.

Development of Energetic System

2015. July 15. Wednesday
Our Company, the Kraftszer Ltd. has won the further development phase of the modern energy supplying system built up in 2014 at Bridgestone PH2 extension.

District heating areas connected

2015. June 30. Tuesday
Another EU-supported large scale investment of Budapesti Távhőszolgáltató Zrt (Budapest District Heating Company) has been successfully completed; having Kraftszer implemented all pre-insulated 2xDN600 / Ø800 PN25 nominal pressure pipelines and its supporting facilities, to connect Újpest and Újpalota heating zones.

Another Project at Bridgestone

2015. May 29. Friday
After the previous, successful projects we are commissioned to establish of newer systems from our international partner Takenaka Europe GmBH.

Further Expand of the Capacity of Tire Production in Hungary

2015. May 11. Monday
On behalf of Daelim the design engineering of the complete pipeline network and the pressure equipment licensing for the tire-production of III. Phase-Hankook has been successfully ended by our designer team.

Tatabánya Council for Renewable Energy Resources

2015. April 16. Thursday
The power plant in Tatabánya retools the existing boilers for biomass firing; within the framework of this project had our company asked for the technical inspection of the total investment implementation as design engineer of the Unicredit Bank.

Coming to the End of the Industrial Development Project

2014. November 14. Friday
Kraftszer Ltd. has completed the construction works of the winning projects in the Industrial Park, at Környe and the systems has been set-up on time successfully.
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