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Our design team of nine people is responsible for the general designing tasks in the course of project management activities. They carry out their work supported by an extensive network of subcontractors, including basic design, permit procedures and the compilation of detailed designs. The high standard and cost efficient designs are prepared by using modern software (Cadmatic, Solid Edge, MicroStation, AutoCAD). We consider the task we are commissioned to do as a designing process that we participate in by thinking together with our customers, and tailoring our professional knowledge to their concepts; if necessary, we are ready to make several modifications to achieve the most ideal solution.

Service performance:

  •     Technical plans, technical preparation
  •     Impact studies
  •     Basic designs
  •     Building permit plans
  •     Environmental plans
  •     Detail plans
  •     On-site works management
  •     As-built plans


Akos Szentkuti

Head of Engineering and Projekt Development


Erőművek, ipari energetikai- és technológiai létesítmények kivitelezője