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Our employees, who specialize in industrial building engineering

2021. September 24. Friday

In 2020, our company started the design and construction works of the mechanical systems of the production plant in Cegléd, a well-known multinational semiconductor manufacturing company with a German background.

The investment is also significant on an international scale considering the value of HUF 32 billion and is closely relating to the dynamically rising electromobility trend. The plant under construction will produce semiconductor modules for installation in inverters of electric and hybrid vehicles.

In addition to the complete air handling, cooling, heating, smoke extraction, fire extinguishing and sanitary systems of the new cleanroom and related service buildings, our task is to design, build and commission the industrial gas supply, compressed air, steam, water treatment and vacuum systems.

The work is being carried out by Kraftszer's business unit specialized in industrial building engineering and its engineering and construction team aiming a successful hand over to the customer in the last quarter of 2021.

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