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The Kraft Group proves itself again in Debrecen

2023. May 15. Monday

Last year was topped by a great honour and a real professional success when Kraft FM Kft., a member of our Group, was awarded a 5-year contract for the full technical operation of an internationally renowned factory in Debrecen.

But the success didn't end there - at the end of a multi-round tender process, the Kraft Group was awarded another contract, when Kraftszer Kft. was commissioned to construct a key service unit at the Debrecen plant.

The engagement requires a wide range of professional skills. While adhering to the strict technical and quality requirements, a great deal of attention must also be paid to the high standards of cleanliness and environmental protection required by the factory.

The special feature of the project, which has a lead time of more than a year, is that the project schedule for the new server systems has to be integrated into the tight schedule of the factory construction, which requires special attention due to the concurrency of the works.

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