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Trainee progamme of Kraftszer Kft. II

2018. July 29. Sunday

Bence, would you tell us about how you came into contact with Kraftszer Kft?

One of my good friends previously, during his university studies, performed his practical training at Kraftszer, then in the course of his later studies he also continued to work at the company. I consider it important that a university student shouldn’t acquire his knowledge just in the university classrooms, rather he should gain experience with practical things, to actually have an overview of his profession. Thanks to this I came into contact with Kraftszer through my friend.

Why do you consider it important to participate in the trainee program?

There is a great amount of knowledge which a university cannot teach you, the type of skills that an engineer may need. These are generally not theoretical materials, they are rather activities which facilitate the progress of a project.

What has caused the most difficulty for you?

Before my first day at work I had doubts about what would happen on the next day. But my anxiety quickly dissolved, because the colleagues treated me very kindly and helpfully, I can turn to them any time if I have a question.  

Do you feel that you can use the knowledge you acquired here?

In my own opinion I am increasingly successful in “merging” the knowledge I learned at the university with the skills and experience I have gained in the office.

How do you think it will influence your professional career in the future that you can learn from such experienced experts in such a great atmosphere?

I like being in an environment where I am surrounded by colleagues with a great amount of knowledge, who are much more experienced than I am. They can tell me about a multitude of situations and actual past events that I can learn from, and if I pay attention then it will be less likely that I will make the same mistakes throughout my career.

What is challenging for you in your everyday activities?

As a trainee the greatest challenge is to be able to combine my university studies with the office work, and to perform well in both places.

What motivates you?

My personal motivation is the desire to develop myself. Fortunately, I am in a great place for that.  

Could you describe why it’s good to be with Kraftszer?

Because within the company I can learn from experts with extraordinary knowledge and experience, in a pleasant environment and good atmosphere.

Would you recommend this opportunity to current university graduates / young career starters?

Yes, you can learn excellent things in a program like this.


Thank you for your responses! 

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