Design and implementation of Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant

Design and implementation of Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant


Providing fuel supply for Dunamenti Power Plant new G3 combined cycle gas turbine and for the existing 4ea gas boilers in „F” block.

Customer: Dunamenti Power Plant

Client’s Engineer Tractebel Engineering S.A.

Scope of Supply:

As the Main Contractor, to prepare detailed designs and designs for Authority approval of the Gas Station, construction, supply equipments, installation and commissioning.

Description of the facility:

The Gas Station is supplying the fuel for two Units.

Newly established:

  • 400MW combined cycle gas turbine (G3 unit)
  • Maximum gas consumption: 80.550 Nm3/h
  • Service gas pressure: 28 barg
  • Service gas temperature: 25 °C

Existing „F” gas boilers

  • Maximum gas consumption: 220.000 Nm3/h
  • Service gas pressure: 6 barg
  • Service gas temperature: 20 °C

The facility is receiving the natural gas from „FGSz” high pressure network (22-63 barg), that goes across 3 gas filters and an „MKEH” accredited ultrasound measuring device, further to the heat exchangers. The heating of the gas done by 3ea 3200 kW gas boilers - G3 unit is across 2 ea and the „F” unit with 3 ea heat exchangers.

The system splitted into two parts here, the first goes toward the existing gas boilers across a pressure regulator, it has three branches, all the branches 110.000 Nm3/h capacity, the service pressure of boilers is 6 barg. The gas regulation of G3 turbine is possible in two ways: Reductor plant is reducing the 63 barg inlet gas pressure to 28 barg. Compressor plant is compressing 22 barg inlet gas pressure, olyan mértékben, so the 28 barg pressure branch could be available for the Gas Turbine. The fine control and liquid separator gas filter just before the Gas Turbine providing 28 barg pressure, 25°C temperature and very clean natural gas for G3 turbine.


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