FŐTÁV - District heating areas connected

FŐTÁV - District heating areas connected


Another EU-supported large scale investment of Budapesti Távhőszolgáltató Zrt (Budapest District Heating Company) has been successfully completed; having Kraftszer implemented all pre-insulated 2xDN600 / Ø800 PN25 nominal pressure pipelines and its supporting facilities, to connect Újpest and Újpalota heating zones.

This investment adds significant improvement in the utilization of the cost-effective heat energy produced by the Capital waste recycling plant, improving efficiency and reducing local pollution at the same time.

Kraftszer Ltd. would like to render thanks for all inhabitants at the affected areas for their patience and cooperation. We really hope that the benefits of this environmentally important investment will provide you compensation for any possible inconveniences caused.


Budapesti Távhőszolgáltató Zrt.


1156 Budapest

Operation start


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