Kazincbarcika Heating plant

Kazincbarcika Heating plant


The construction of connected heat-electricityproducing heating power plant, to supply with thermalenergy the heating system of Kazincbarcika.


The full range of designing, architectural, mechanical,electrical constructing, commissioning of the heatingplant.


The heating plant dispose of 58,2 MW thermal output due to its 3 pieces of 3,4 MW thermal power gas engines, and 3pieces of 16 MW thermal power boiler. It dispose of 9,6 MW electrical power due to the 3,2 MW gas engines. Theutilization of the produced heat is done by heating of district heating water. Connection of the gas engines can be linearwith the boilers, or can be independent from them. The continuous electrical power generation are assured by the forcecoolers equipped with noise absorbing wall in the operation without heat-removal. The gas engine rooms are separatedand noise insulated, which dispose of its own operating an emergency ventilation system. The exhaust gas system of thegas engines has rapture discs, for the protection against overpressure. The heating plant has equipment for the districtwater and boiler feed make up, which were mounted in the boiler room.

The main parameters of the heating plant:

  • Electrical output: 9,6 MW
  • Thermal output: 58,2 MW
  • Heating water mass flow: 787t/h
  • Main equipments: Gas engine: 3 pcs

Supplier: Wartsila

  • Type: 18VW220SG
  • Electrical power: 3,2 MW
  • Thermal output: 3,4 MW
  • Electrical efficiency: 39,7 %
  • Thermal efficiency: 42,2 %
  • Boiler: 3 pcs

Supplier: Alstom

  • Type: Megatherm HF16/16
  • Thermal output: 16 MW
  • Thermal efficiency: 94,4 %

Water treatment: Supplier: CWG

  • Capacity: 12 m3/h

District water system Hot water system water capacity: 1600 m3 District heating water mass flow: 787 t/h Number of circulating pumps: 3 pcs Capacity of the circ. pumps: 400 m3/h District water preparation Number of equipment: 1 pcs Max. capacity: 12 m3/h Electrical system (LV and MV): Supplier: Siemens




3700 Kazincbarcika Gorkíj u. 1

Operation start


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