Mátra Power Plant Industry Park steam supply project

Mátra Power Plant Industry Park steam supply project


Steam supply of the new Industry Park construction projects (Baumit, Biodiesel and Bioetanol)

Customer: Mátra Power Plant

Content Designing, building, installing and commissioning the steam supply system of the new Mátra Industry Park new construction projects by Kraftszer Ltd. as the Main Contractor, detailed below:

  • engineering, I&C, power supply design,
  • production, delivery, installation,
  • commissioning,
  • training, hand over documentation.

Description of the project:

Different new industrial construction projects – Bioetanol, Baumit, Biodiesel, and Ytong plasterboard factories are going to be built on the territory of the Mátra Power Plant in the near future.

The steam demand of the new establishments will be supplied by the 2 high-pressure turbine pipelines of the III., IV., V., blocks of the power plant. The installation of the pipelines for the steam supply of Baumit, Bioetanol and Biodiesel was fulfilled by Kraftszer Ltd. The complete Baumit and Bioetanol branch and the pipeline at the steam reduction station section of Biodiesel belong to the PED prescription (III. category). The conformance of the constructions was confirmed by the experts of ÉMI-TÜV Bayern Ltd. (Notified Body).


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