MOM Park Power centre and heating plant construction and operation

MOM Park Power centre and heating plant construction and operation


To ensure the heating and cooling of the MOM Park buildings.


The partial designing and full range of constructing, commissioning and operating of the 6000 kW heating and 6000kW cooling capacity power centre.

Customer: Sinergy Ltd.

The scope of delivery P&I diagram, technical descriptions for the building control system, detailed mechanical design.

Main equipments 1pc Jenbacher J320 GS-N-LC gas engine. Thermal output 1,2 MWt and electrical power 1 Mwe. 2 pc Vasfa AKH-2900 M, 3 MW boiler. 3 pc Carrier 19 XR 4545-385 CQH, 2 MW turbo cooler. 1 pc Carrier JB 047/068, 0,7 MW absorber cooler. 10 pc Baltimore VFL 964-PX, 0,85 MW tower cooler, buildings control system, utilities.

Description The MOM Park Power centre is supplying the 6000kW heating and 6000kW cooling power of the MOM buildings. The buildings are belong to 3 groups: 166 flats, with altogether 20.000 m2 area and 200 parking places, 3 office buildings, with altogether 13.500 m2 and 640 parking places, and a multifunction centre with shops, restaurants, 9 cinemas and a smaller office centre, altogether 66.000 m2 and 1540 parking places. The basic unit of the power centre is the gas engine, which supply 1,2 MW thermal and 1 MW electrical power. The heating circle contains 2 more 3 MW boiler to follow the quick changes of the heating demand. The absorber cooler is using the thermal output of the gas engine in the summer season operation. Turbo compressor cooler secures the additional cooling. The power centre is automatic controlled without human supervision.




1123 Budapest, Alkotás

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