Ózd Heating Plant- Gas Engine extension

Ózd Heating Plant- Gas Engine extension


Improve the heating capacity of Ózd Heating Plant with connected electrical energy producing.

Scope of supply:

As main contractor our task was the designing, purchasing, building, constructing and commissioning of the Heating Power plant as follows:

  • Designing the basic concept and technology (P&I, arrangement)
  • Full scale basic an detailed designing, acustical designing
  • Arhitecture with main and sub facilities
  • Electrical system 20, 10 kV and 0,4kV
  • Control technology
  • Production, shipping, installation
  • Commissioning, test run
  • Documentation, education
  • The building of the gas engine extension
  • Detailed designing with 3D CAE system (assambling drawing without building and main pipelines)


The gas engine extension is connecting to the equipments of the existing Heating plant. The 2 gas engines are connecting directly to the district water system through a filter, but in heating season it warm up the inlet water of the boilers. The produced electricity is given out to the 20kV network of EMASZ, through a 10/20 kV transformer. The gas engines are able to produce electricity without the district heating system, due to the force coolers. The gas engines are working in a full automatic mode. The control system is also suitable for remote operation. Basic datas Gas engine Electrical output Thermal output Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Net income 2 pcs Jenbacher JMS 616 GS-N.LC 4866 kW 4882 kW 40,9% (100% load) 43,1% HUF 800 M




3600 Ózd, Gyár út 1.

Operation start


Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant
H. Bojti Bea 

Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant
Budai János 

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