Szekszard South heating plant cogeneration development

Szekszard South heating plant cogeneration development


The development of Szekszard South heating plantwith connected heat-electricity producing heatingpower units, with connection to the present heatingsystem.


The full range of constructing, including the partial designing, supplying the main parts and commissioning.


At the Szekszard South heating plant cogeneration development 2 Jenbacher gas engines (JMS 620, and JMS616) were mounted to the existing district heating system. The gas engines and its utilities were placed in the boiler roomto the place of the former PTVM boiler. The force coolers and transformers were placed outside, beside the boiler room.It dispose of 4682 kW electrical power due to the 2734 kW and 1948 kW gas engines. Connection of the gas enginescan be linear with the boilers, or can be independent from them. The continuous electrical power generation are assuredby the 5000 kW force coolers equipped with noise absorbing wall in the operation without heat-removal. The gas enginerooms are separated and noise insulated, which dispose of its own operating an emergency ventilation system.

The main parameters of the heating plant:

  • Electrical output: 4682 kW
  • Thermal output: 4948 kW
  • Main equipments: Gas engine 3 pcs

Supplier: Jenbacher

  • Type: JMS 620, JMS 616
  • Electrical output: 2734 kW, 1948 kW
  • Thermal output: 2869 kW, 2079 kW
  • Electrical efficiency: 41,3 %; 39,8 %
  • Force cooler: Number of coolers: 3 pcs
  • Type: LU-VE SHLS 652 E
  • Thermal output: 5.000 kW
  • Electrical system: Scope: LV and MV system
  • Supplier: Siemens, Schneider Electric


E.ON Hungária Rt.


7100 Szekszárd

Operation start


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