Pannon Power Rt. Pécs- Biomass heating development

Pannon Power Rt. Pécs- Biomass heating development


The conversion of Pécs Power plant from coal to biomass heating technology.


The turn-key accomplishment of wood-splitter and itslogistic, including the designing, supplying all themain and auxiliary equipments, the architectural,mechanical, electrical construction andcommissioning.

Customer Pannon Power


The biomass based heating came true through installing new elements, and modifying the existing equipments of the Pécs Power Plant. The wood for fuel arrives to the power plant after measuring on road and train. The metal detectorequipped 107 t/h wood-splitter makes 0,6 x 3 x 5 cm maximum size wood-chips, which is directed to the store area, orto the boiler N. 10.

The sand fluid-bedded boiler is able to burn 50 t of 12500 kJ/kg average heating value biomass.With the such way produced 200 t/h, 100 bar, 540°C steam the system are able to generate 49 MWe electrical power,and supply district heating. The biomass heating block is contributing to the clean air of the area with low emissionvalues (CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, dust).

Main parameters of biomass boiler_

  • Electrical power: 49 MW
  • Steam capacity: 200 t/h
  • Steam parameters: 100 bar; 540°C
  • Burned biomass mass flow: 50 t/h
  • Yearly maximum fuel consuming: 445120 t
  • Biomass average calorific value: 12500 kJ/kg

Main equipments:

  • Wood-splitter 1 pcs
  • Supplier: Brucks - Klöckner
  • Nominal capacity: 107 t/h
  • Peak capacity: 124 t/h
  • Electrical power: 1,5 MW


Reference value of train trafficking: daily delivered amount: 1100 t number of disburdened wagons: 24 capacity of block-wood loading machines: 107 t/h Reference value of road trafficking (cylindrical tree): daily delivered amount: 22 t / day number of trucks: 23 pcs / day




7630 Pécs, Edison u. 1.

Operation start


Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant
H. Bojti Bea 

Gas Station in Dunamenti Power Plant
Budai János 

Establishment of a grain processing plant

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